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Defenseman Sergei Zubov excels at a lot of things as a professional hockey player.

Unfortunately, waiting around for a bone to heal is not one of them.

Zubov has been sidelined for the last 23 games with a fracture in his right foot. He had surgery two weeks ago to insert a pin to help the bone heal. Zubov is staying positive about the process of rehab and doing what he has to do to get himself ready to play again.

"It's been going pretty good,” he said. It’s been a little slower than I expected initially, but I believe I'm moving forward. (The waiting) is just the nature of the process."

That’s really the biggest frustration for a professional athlete who is not used to sitting on the sidelines while his team plays on during the season.

"Even if you miss a couple of games you get frustrated, so imagine two months,” he said. “That's just not good. Honestly I’m sick of it and cannot wait to get back."

Zubov has been working closely with Strength and Conditioning Coach J.J. McQueen, who set up a special workout program that includes a little bit of everything.

"We do about four days of cycling where we work out for those four days,” Zubov said. “In between I try to relax. It doesn't mean it’s a day off because I still come here, but it's just a ‘lay-off’ day. It's been mostly upper body but for the last month I have been working my legs, endurance, cardio, and almost everything else."

Zubov is working hard on a goal of returning to the ice soon. The problem is, he does not know exactly when it will be.

"It's not really my call,” he said. “There is a specialist that is watching me closely. I see him every day, every morning. It's going to be his call when I can take the boot off, but I will try to get there as fast as I can. It as been a long, long time now."

The team is hopeful that Zubov continues to improve and can make it back into game action for a few regular season games and of course, the playoffs.

"I hope I get back at my peak, one hundred percent, and as good as I can,” he said. “Hopefully I can bring the guys some help when they need it. I am looking forward to a long playoffs."
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