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Have you ever dreamed of becoming the greatest hockey player of all time? Well stop dreaming and start living!

My name is Mika Aalto and I play for the Toronto North Stars of the SHL, and I’d like to extend a very warm welcome to all new rookies to our league.

I’m talking about the SHL ( We are one of the largest online communities of people just like you, living out our fantasy as hockey players online!

How is works is you create your profile, then you create your player, use the added points to upgrade certain areas in your game, then you will be put in the S17 draft to the SMJHL.

So what are you waiting for? Also right now you can get 2 points for just saying your there, easy points you’ll ever get!

When you do sign up, remember to tell them that drodger91 recruited you!

I’ll see you on the ice superstars!
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