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I'd like for someone to state the strengths and weaknesses of Dallas,
Calgary,Edmonton and Detroit.For example,Here's the scoop of the
1982-83 Vancouver Canucks:

Strong points: Defense is mobile and very deep,to the point where they are
interested in making a deal or two.Center is also strong,
with Patrick Sundstrom,Ivan Boldirev,Ivan Hlinka,Gerry Minor,
Gary Lupul and Lars Molin all capable there.
Weak points: Back-up goaltending is extremely questionable with neither
Ken Ellecott nor Frank Caprice looking anything like
Richard Brodeur.If Brodeur got hurt,the Canucks would be
in trouble.Also,overall lack of speed on the wings is
somewhat of a problem.
This is the form I'd like someone to use in stating the strengths and
weaknesses of THIS year's Dallas Stars,Calgary Flames,Edmonton Oilers
and Detroit Red Wings.You know,be honest and logical what makes the
teams good and what might hurt them that needs to be fixed.
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