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DETROIT -- In the early part of last season, it would take the Red Wings the entire first period before they seemingly got into the game.

That whole problem crept backSunday, and coach Mike Babcock let his team know about it before the second period.

The Wings won, 4-2, over the Florida Panthers, but only after rebounding from a sluggish first period, when they trailed, 2-0.

"It was ridiculous," said Babcock of the first period. "We weren't ready to go, and they skated us into the ground. Last season at the start of the year we had a tough time, but we got it straightened out, and we'll get this straightened out, too."
well, I thought this game was going to be another L on the preseason record. but we seen some great things from some of the young guys. I was very impressed with Franzen's play.. I think he will step up and fill some of this void in HockeyTown. We still have alot of good players and alot of young talent.

we possibly will do fair this season if we can get these kids and veterans to play as a team, a unit. they will do much better!;)

Wings rally after slow start - 09/25/06 - The Detroit News Online
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