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Luongo upset, hurt and concerned

Well, according to Luongo, he wants to stay in Forida!

It seems all the trade talk surrounding Panthers' netminder Roberto Luongo has finally got to the usually reserved player.

Luongo, speaking to the Sun-Sential, said he feels "upset, hurt and concerned" by the rumours surrounding his future with the club.

“Especially after I came out and said I’d like to stay here and I didn’t want to go,” Luongo said in a phone interview. “Now they’re turning the tables on me. It’s very upsetting.”

Keenan declined comment on Luongo on Wednesday through a team spokesman.

Luongo said he doesn’t know what will happen this weekend and that concerns him, but it doesn’t change his stance.

“I’m going to stick to my guns on this one. I don’t see what’s wrong with [a one-year deal] given the fact that I’ve told them I want to stay here and I’m not looking to leave,” said Luongo
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