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This definitely was one of the worst displays that this Red Wing team has given this season. There was defiinitely way too much missing from this team , as they went down 5-4 definitely not a good way to end a hockey game. But the wings have struggled in shootouts, where in which, Manny Legace has not been as good as what he is when playing the full 60 mins.

The team was lacking that luster that it has had all season. The defense was terrible and as the players were saying it was no excuse to lose to this team. But I think they counted them( the blue jackets) out way too soon and put it in cruise control thinking this team would just fall down dead and not give them a good showing.

They have dominited the Jackets alot this season and I guess they didnt take the team seriously and thats what happens when you dont take a team seriously, you lose in the shoot out 5-4 and you go back home kicking yourself wishing that you could change the outcome.

Babcock didn't address the team about the loss. He felt he didn't have to, believing the Wings' veterans know what happened and understand what has to be done to correct it.
That was a nice move by Babcock but im sure that he was tempted to say something. I know that I would be.:rolleyes: Hopefully These guys wake up before the playoffs or we will be out after round 1! come on Detroit THIS IS YOUR WAKE UP CALL!!! this time please listen to the following dial tone options, to get help with defense press one on your touch tone phone, for sleep Mode press 2, to lose in the Playoffs press Three, For goal delivery peramiters Press four, To wake up and Win a stanley Cup press five!!!! to repeat all options press Star*. to end this call press pound....#......

well lets hope that wakes them up. if not I dont know what will:eek:
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