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Will there be any hockey this year?

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Do you think the Islanders will play at all this year? I hope they will but I do not think it will happen. The terms are just too far apart. What do you think?
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If you believe the experts there is virtually no chance of play before January and more likely the whole season will be lost.

This will lead to the league deciding next summer to start up in the fall of 2005 with which ever players want to play, with a hard salary cap.
Some people think it might last so long it will interfer with the olympics. :(
As we've seen to this point, both sides have dug in pretty hard and refuse to budge. Of course it's all part of the negotiation process, but until I see some meaningful exchanges going on I have no hope that we'll see them play any time soon. They were barely able to save the season in 94/95. and I personally think the situation is a lot more extreme this time around. I believe both sides are perfectly willing to lose this whole season if need be.
I deffaintly agree with you. They should think of the fans though. If they both just give a little then we might get to see some hockey.
I think it will be one season..
Both sides will have to compromise, and it's not easy.. :(
Atleast they are almost comming to an agreement.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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