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Will the Islanders make the playoffs this year?

  • Yes they will

    Votes: 1 25.0%
  • No they will not

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Will the Islanders make the playoffs?

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Do you think the Islanders will make the playoffs this year?
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If they could start winning some road games, they would have a better chance of get in.

They are only 6 points out of being in the 6th spot in the conference and 4 points out of 8th spot.

But Yashin is playing like, well, Yashin!! He has to pick his game up a lot, or they will never make it!! And I really don't see him doing that!! :dunno:

The way I see it right now, because of the way Pittsburgh, Tampa and Carolina can pick up their play and win games, I really don't see the Islanders getting into the playoffs this year!!
datsyukdangler1 said:
Right, but of course if they turn it up like crazy. Then, perhaps they will make it. Things can change rathery quickly.
Oh for sure, an injury can happen to any one of the key players on any of the other teams that I mentioned, and the Islanders can turn it up, if they want to, like any team, but they still have to get over the Rangers and the Leafs before they can even think about the playoffs.

They have 5 games remaining against the Rangers and 3 of those are in March, with a home at home and 1 in April.

They have 3 games remaining against the Leafs, 2 in February and the last one in April.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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