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I don't think the Wild is quite done with personnel changes this year. Fiala's gone, Flower is back, at least for a year, Talbot largely seems okay with Fleury staying on (at least so far), and Kaprizov (hopefully) gets to come back from Russia to play.

But that still leaves at least some of Fiala's points to replace. The PP and PK were bad all last year and it doesn't look like the Wild did much to fix that. Now comes word that Greenway and Merrill may not recover from off-season surgery in time for Game 1 this fall. And the Wild are so close to the salary cap that they may have to switch to generic kibble for Brooksy.

Do you think a full year of Boldy will cover a lot of Fiala's points? You only need one more goal than your competitor to win a game. Will having Rossi play help the point total? Can platooning Fleury and Talbot cover each others' rough spells, making fewer goals necessary? Can anyone tweak the PP to squeeze some more points out of that?

Are you thinking the Wild can get to the Stanley Cup playoffs again (hopefully for more than one round) or do you want some of what Guerin may be smoking? 😄
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