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I know you guys like that we are winning, but we don't deserve it... Chara should have been suspended, how blind are we that we don't even admit that? We're just behaving like entitled f***s. Lucic should have been suspended for hitting Miller, and we are lucky that Marchand got what he deserved, otherwise we would have long lost our credibility in this league, which has little credibility to begin with. Honestly, this team is dirty, they play dirty because they have not seen any repercussions from it, and have actually been rewarded. This must be the dirtiest cup win in history.
This video proves it.

God I just wish we could play some honest and hard working hockey instead of being cheap shot artists. I'm putting the **** and gold down now, I mean the black and gold, it's just our uniforms look like crap, and we are... I mean no one in Boston even cares - we're the 4th team... oh well we can always hope for improvement, until then, I'll be watching the Red Wings.

PS - We should have kept Kessel
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