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Who from these 10 American born hockey player/goalies has had the best career!

  • Mike Richter 666GP, 48 SO, 3.04GAA

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  • Scott Gomez 476GP 103G, 287A, 390PTS

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  • Mathieu Schneider 1045GP, 189G, 420A, 609PTS

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Along the years, there have benn many great American players!

From Bobby Hull, with his imaculant shot!Brett Hull (Bobby Hull's son), with his waving wrist shot!
Tony Amonte, with his forcing speed!
Mike Madano, with his nice power-play passing!
Mike Ricther, with his saving skills!
Tony Esposito, with his fast sliding saves!
Chris Chelios, with his sliding and stoping shots skills!
Scott Gomez, with his perfect face-offs!
To Bill Guerin, with his nice and slick one timers!

So who's your favourite American Hockey player? I know it might not be one of these displayed, but for sure he might have a similar type of playing skill!

But who's has had the better carrer?

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Yeah, but his whole family is......

Yeah, but his whole family is...... so he is sort of an american born player in my opinion!

If you considered him candaiian, i would say Tony Espoosito or Bobby Hull, en then,

And anyone anwer if u know this!
Who is chara going to beat up first .....lmao!!!!!:laugh: :laugh:

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Info from

Tony Esposito (G) Goalie
Born Apr 23 1943 -- Sault Ste. Marie, ONT
Height 5.11 -- Weight 185 -- Shoots R

Bobby Hull Left Wing
Born Jan 3 1939 -- Point Anne, ONT
Height 5.10 -- Weight 191 -- Shoots L

Brett Hull Right Wing
Born Aug 9 1964 -- Belleville, ONT
Height 5.10 -- Weight 200
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