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Whos your all time favorite hawk?

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Whos your all time favorite hawk?
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My favorite Hawk is actually a current Hawk in Kyle Calder.
Retired-Hull, Lamer and Savard
Seriously???There are lots of better Hawk players
Thats Great!

WOW really!!! I like Amonte! Didnt say he was the BEST, just said he was my FAVORITE!!!
I know....... all my friends who are Chiago fans hate him. I can respect that. Is there any specific reason you like him?
Watched him play since he started, and loved his game! He was a leader on the Hawks and I liked to see that!
Dougie! As short as his stint was.

I didn't mind Amonte either. He was great.
lil_azn_dragun said:
Whos your all time favorite hawk?
Denis Savard....a player the Habs should have drafted....Savard was famous for his "spin-a-rama" move....great agility, a speed demon on of the very few players I've seen play where you felt he had the ability to either score or CREATE a scoring chance for his linemates (Steve Larmer and Al Secord) everytime he was on the ice...Very charismatic exciting player to watch in the best Arena to watch Live game; the Old Chicago stadium.
I forgot to add someone: Steve Sullivan. Quinn should never have let him go.

I mean, WAIVERS?! That's insane.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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