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Who Would you Like to See Fight?

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If you could see any two players fight who would you? I would see Crosby And Ovie!
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Richards vs. Crosby
Hartnell vs. Staal
Carter vs. Malkin

All at the same time, talk about dreaming :laugh:
We were soooooo close to seeing Richards V Crosby. And that would have been great. Richards would have messed him up.

And which Staal are you talking about. I think Hartnell would take care of all of them pretty easily though.

And I've only seen Carter and Malkin fight once. And from what I've seen Carter would win pretty easy.
Since the other two were Flyers/Penguins, I'm pretty sure he was talking about Jordan Staal.
Yea, I was talking about Jordan.
1 - 2 of 32 Posts
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