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Who Played WIth Injuries

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Bourque Injured

Keenan has said Bourque would be out for a long time. No date or anything but that's ****ty . He also said he thought Bourque was playing like he should be a candidate for the Selke.
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It's not official, but Peter Maher was talking 6-8 weeks for Bourque and 2-3 weeks for Langkow
Who Played With Injuries

Who was playing with injuries.


Phaneuf - Broken Ribs, Hip (cracked, hairline fracture, or hip flexor). Injured from mid-to-late October. Surgery in the offseason is likely.

Source: Fan960 - Peter Maher - Ribs and Hip
Source: Mike Keenan Press Conference - Broken Ribs
Source: Bob Mcenzie TSN -

Sarich - Broken Bone in Foot or Cracked Foot. Broken Ankle.

Source: Calgary Sun - Broken Foot -
Source:Globe and Mail - Cracked foot -
Source: Mike Keenan Press Conference - Broken Ankle

Regehr - Sprained Knee. Major tear in MCL.

Source: CBC -
Source: TSN -

Giordano - shoulder. Source: Calgary Flames


Bourque - ankle and shoulder. Source: Calgary Sun -

Conroy - shoulder. Source: Calgary Herald

Langkow - Both hands.
Source: Calgary Sun -
Source: Mike Keenan Press Conference- Both hands injured

The Flames had a string of bad luck lets hope they can stay on track next season.
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'Miikka played too many games '

Despite the predict-ability of the question --did Miikka Kiprusoff get worn out?--Calgary Flames general manager Darryl Sutter rises to it.
"Hey, Miikka played too many games--simple," says Sutter, sitting at his office desk Monday morning at the Pengrowth Saddledome. "I tell him he's a top-five goalie in the(National Hockey League), and he'll tell me . . . he's top three. But that's what he is. I know. I've coached him. I've seen him when he's sharp. I know when he's tired, I know when he's fresh. I know when he's getting the proper instruction on the ice -- or he's not. All those things. Him and I know each other better than anybody in the organization.....more

My question is why does Keenan have his job still?​
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