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Who do you think is the most brutal team you have ever seen in a season to step on the ice? Here are the options:

a.) Washington Capitals 1974-1975
b.) Quebec Nordiques 1989-1990
c.) Kansas City Scouts 1975-1976
d.) Philadelphia Quakers 1930-1931 (Nobody on this forum probably saw them play but look at their statistics)
e.) California Golden Seals 1973-1974 (Those ugly skates they had to wear)
f.) Ottawa Senators 1992-1993
g.) San Jose Sharks 1992-1993
h.) Atlanta Thrashers 1999-2000
i.) Colorado Rockies 1978-1979
j.) Winnepeg Jets 1980-1981

These teams are all so brutal! It's hard to decide, but in my pick it was the Ottawa Senators in their second season of 1992-1993. Their leading scorer was a defensemen named Norm MacIver who finished that season with 63 points. Other runner ups for scoring were unknown, talentless players like Sylvain Turgeon and Alexander Daigle. That was certainly a bad season. Also their front goalie Peter Sidoekiewicz finished the season 8W-47L-3T. Other goalies such as Daniel Berthiaume and Steve Weekes finished with bad records. What is your pick?

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The kansas city scouts had some good talent on there teams.but i would like to also mention the 1976-77 Detroit Red Wings.the only good thing about this season was being able to go down to the olympia stadium.this team was very bad.
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