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Bell on the bubble


Brendan Bell is on the clock, and he knows it.

The Maple Leafs rookie defenceman skated in his 27th game of the season last night against Montreal.

But with Ian White, who has been nursing a slight separation in his left shoulder, slated to return to the lineup Tuesday night against the Carolina Hurricanes, it's probable Bell will sit.

But the 23-year-old Bell, who has one goal and four assists, was trying to put a positive spin on his situation.

"I've earned the spot where I am (in the lineup), absolutely," Bell said. "But we have a lot of good defencemen on this team and to jump ahead of someone or take someone's minutes, you really have to prove yourself. I think I have earned what I have but I am still pushing for more."
Hmm... I wonder what his worth is?

Do you think he can be part of a package deal for an impact player for the Leafs at the Deadline, or would moving him be a mistake on the organisation's part?
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