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I live in San Jose and I do not have cable. On Friday I walked to a sports bar called Billy Berks to watch game 2 of Sharks vs. Avs. It was OK, but not great because they had music instead of the game audio.

For game 3, on Sunday, I decided to go to the Fairmont Hotel because they had a huge screen that I noticed while walking through town on Friday. The idiot bartender there was showing Chicago versus Nashville. He wouldn't change to the Sharks game because he had two customers there from Chicago. This is San Jose! Idiot!

I ended up watching the game at a high end place called the Grill in the Alley, next to the stupid Fairmont Hotel. (I can't believe that they don't give a **** about the local team.)

I'm looking for advice. I live in downtown SJ, near Cahill park, walking distance from the Arena. Where is a great place to watch San Jose play in San Jose? I want to see it on a big screen and I want audio and availability of adult beverages. Advice greatly appreciated!

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Try some of these, hope they help you out.

Final score sports bar 296-9591

SmokeEaters Hot Wings 293-9976

South First Billiards Club and Lounge 294-7800

5th Quarter Sports Bar & Grill 265-7033

Scores Sports Bar & Grill 292-6754

El Rancho Sports Bar 281-3002

Hope this helps!
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