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What is the Biggest Strength for the Flames

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At this point, the Flames are doing very well and I think a lot of it has to rely on Kiprusoff. However, I'm wondering what else you think the Flames are doing right.
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Iginla has been a big part of the Flames for the past couple years.
"Past couple years" is what we call an understatement. He's been an integral part of the team since the late nineties, maybe not as a top line guy, but as a prospective focal point of the Calgary team.
The only thing that's change in the past couple years is his consistency, in my opinion.
His consistencey will depend on his coach, he's the type of guy that plays the way his team needs him to not the way he would always like . I give him that he is a slow starter at the start of the season but alwyas comes on strong in November. To say he's not a top line guy is just wrong IMO.​
I know that's wrong; that's not what I meant. Iginla is my favourite player.

He's been an integral part of the team since the late nineties, maybe not as a top line guy, but as a prospective focal point of the Calgary team.

Basically, he wasn't a top line guy when he first broke into the league with them, but he was always a well-regarded prospect and part of the organization's big picture. He is undoubtedly a top line guy now, and it would be downright silly to say he's not.
This might be like 2006-2007, when they had the best home record of 30-9-2 and an appalling away record of 13-20-8. That was a pain to watch, and whenever I asked my dad where they were playing, he would say, "they're wearing the tutus tonight." That's how I knew they were on the road.
the captain
Hahaha, no kidding, eh?
Well i wasn't maybe born Ok. I'm 12 years old.
I'm only 2 years older than you. Iginla was drafted in 1995, the year I was born, and likely 2 years before you were. Not to mention, you can just listen to the commentators and what they say about the guy, or check his stats. The commentators always commend his leadership and what have you, and his accolades include 2 Richard Trophies before you were eight years old. I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't know that, but the guy is 32 years old and is the captain of his team and has scored 94, 98, and 89 points in his last three seasons. And since Iginla didn't play until he was 19, his career started by the time you were born pretty much.
Now guys, just a quick question about Iginla: How long do you think the guy will play? His point production dropped by 9 points last season, but I think things just didn't work out with Cammalleri, and I haven't seen any sort of decline in his game and he's not getting worn out or injured. The last time he was injured, it was 12 games back in 2006-2007, when he still scored 94 points. That was likely his last shot at 100 points in a season, but I think he can keep going until he's maybe 40?
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I'm 14 too.

Anyway excellent post. I think if Iginla stays healthy he can play till at least 43. But if he's smart he might retire in the early 40s before getting traded.
I doubt he would get traded. He's the best player in the team's history, and I think a guy like him would be smart enough to take less to finish his career where he's spent it all. And 43 is possible, but it's a little high considering he isn't afraid to get aggressive sometimes, but that might be toned down in a couple of years as he ages. Then there are guys like Ovechkin who might only see 37 or so, because he's so wild on and, from what I've seen, off the ice. Remember when he was in the cart, and he almost took his and Mike Green's heads off? Yeah, silly stunts like that might end up shortening his career if he gets hurt in one. I'm surprised Tkachuk has held up so well so long. This is a guy who scored a career-high 52 goals while attaining 228 penalty minutes simultaneously. He's going on 38 now, but I think he's just toned down his game a little to try and keep some longevity, and his scoring is still rather good considering his age.
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