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What happens in Flames land if they miss the playoffs?

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Like the topic says what will happen? Do they overhall the line up big time? Start cutting management starting @ sutter or go higher?

I personally think Sutter is done if they miss the playoffs, he's just not getting it done with this team and they've only gotten progressivly worse the lasy 7 years.
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I read this question in the newspaper today and it was replied by : "Sutter pick up your putter".

I think Flames will have to look foward for the next season..
should have said "Sutter set up you're Resume" cause I can't see how flames can justify not firing him.
Sounds more like the Oilers!!

Yes, the Flames will miss the playoffs for the first time in seven years and to your delight, right Batdat!

Both Sutters in my mind should be fired but the question is will it really happen? I hope so...

If you can't have a serious conversation don't bother talking to me. It happened to the oilers and now they're rebuilding, I accept that and don't attack those that had a serious conversation about it.
To say they have gotten worse in 7 years is wrong, anytime your in the playoffs is a good thing.
Well, Kipperusoffs numbers have gotten worse year in year out since 2003. The flames haven't made it passed the first round of the playoffs since 03, and every year they're supposed to be cup contenders most of these years. Being 1st round exiters every year isn't a good thing it means you're not making progress and you're best player is getting older and you don't have any high draft picks.
It's not over yet!
Hence why I said "if" not "When", but they still need some help the have one less game and are 2 points behind.
Dude, you're an idiot. go away cause we're having a serious discussion and we don't need you're trolling to stir things up. :thumbsdow :n
His falling numbers are beause he plays over 97% of th games, plus he's been Calgarys star player even over Iggy and is the reason Calgary has been in the playoffs for so many years.
And thats fine, but thats mis-management by Sutter being unable to get a compatent back up to pick up some of the slack for Kiprusoff to have 15-20 games off.
Flames fan's are going to kill themselves if they don't make the playoffs!
would you go away already, obviously you don't pay attention to anything or you're just trying to be dumb but this thread wasn't made so stupid people could come in and make trolling comments to start arguments.
Kippers numbers have improved this season. He has some of the better numbers in the league
the problem is though with this season the rest of the team has gone the other way.
Exactly. I was just trying to defend Kipper. Everyone always looks at his numbers the last 5 years and says "oh, his numbers have dropped every year. He is not the same as in 04." Yes they did drop every year, but he was still our MVP every single year. It has been 'the team in front of him', not 'Kipper' that has been the problem. If it wasn't for him, we would have missed the playoffs more than just this season.
That comes back to the same thing, Mis-management by Sutter. Never building a team for this NHL but for post lockout NHL, Highering Coaches that aren't that good.
Nothing wrong with the coaches, I'll say this, I'll take Playfair over Mac T and Pat Quinn anyday!!! The coaches are not to blame for this teams loss, the players themselves and a few bad trades are to blame for the Flames problem.
Umm Pat Quinn and Mac T have stanley cup finals Exp, what does playfair have? Mac T is a good coach he's hockey smart, but hard to play for which is one of the reasons it went down hill for the last part of his tenuir.
Well sorry anyway, but gosh!
You come in and start throwing out troll insults that add nothing to the topic of conversation and you're mad cause somebody shot you down for it? :thumbsdow

I love how the Flames GM and President preach patients but it sounds like an excuse to save ones job thats being held on by a Thread. :laugh: I thought the patients of flames fans was waiting the passed 5 seasons, yet they ask for more time. :laugh::dunno:
Former Flames thriving in 2010 playoffs

With the 2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs entering its second leg tomorrow night, I thought it would be interesting to look at some former Calgary Flames that are thriving in this years big dance.

The obvious one, right off the bat, is Montreal forward Mike Cammalleri. He signed in Montreal for 5 years at $6 million per season, after leading the Flames in goals last season with 39. He has 10 points in seven games this post-season and he is the only player to register a point in the first six games of the Habs-Caps series. He scored 26 goals in only 65 games this regular season for the Habs; 11 goals more than Olli Jokinen did and Cammy did it in 17 less games.

Keep reading Darryl…

Cammalleri gelled with Iginla and better yet, he took pressure off of Iginla to put the puck in the net. How would Calgary be different if #13 still toiled in the red, gold, and black and not the bleu, blanc et rouge. Cammalleri was the scoring punch the Flames lacked this season, and NOW he is has just helped the Canadiens complete one of the most improbably comebacks in playoff history; with a little help from that Slovakian goalie of his.

Moving a little west, we have Brad Stuart and Todd Bertuzzi helping the Detroit Red Wings on yet another spring drive. Bertuzzi left Calgary after only one season of playing for the Flames. Criticized for his defensive deficiencies and injury prone body, Big Bert was sent adrift by Sutter. Now, I was never a big fan of the brute, but he clearly has fit in well in the Motor City. Surprisingly, he was one of only three players on the Wings to play in every game this season; the others being Stuart and Lidstrom. Bertuzzi picked up 5 points in their opening round series (1 goal, 4 assists) and was very effective filling in on different lines this campaign for the injury riddled Wings.

Stuart was traded to Calgary with Wayne Primeau for Andrew Ference and Chuck Kobasew back in 2007. Stuart was lambasted in the Calgary media for not bringing enough to the table and was unceremoniously left adrift by Flames management. He signed a one year contract with his old friend Dean Lombardi in Los Angeles before signing the following year with the Wings. He plays a great support role for the Wings and is not counted on to be the go to guy, but he does do his job quite well. Subsequently, the results have shown in these playoffs as Stuart has 6 points (2 goals, 4 assists) in seven games, including the nail in the Coyote coffin in dying seconds of the 2nd period of game 7.​
I shows a lot of mistakes and idea's from Sutter that went wrong cause of his idea of what the team needed to be. I'll never get why Sutter kept Jokenin(I know thats not how its spelled)over Cammalleri, like the guy said he gelled with Iginla. True he had one bad playoffs, but everybody needs exp and look @ what he did for Montreal this year. If the Flames would have had Cammaleri over Jokenin I would figure they would have made it passed the first round and maybe the second at least with just how he played for Montreal, not including how well he played with Iginla.
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