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What happens in Flames land if they miss the playoffs?

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Like the topic says what will happen? Do they overhall the line up big time? Start cutting management starting @ sutter or go higher?

I personally think Sutter is done if they miss the playoffs, he's just not getting it done with this team and they've only gotten progressivly worse the lasy 7 years.
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Kippers numbers have improved this season. He has some of the better numbers in the league
the problem is though with this season the rest of the team has gone the other way.
Exactly. I was just trying to defend Kipper. Everyone always looks at his numbers the last 5 years and says "oh, his numbers have dropped every year. He is not the same as in 04." Yes they did drop every year, but he was still our MVP every single year. It has been 'the team in front of him', not 'Kipper' that has been the problem. If it wasn't for him, we would have missed the playoffs more than just this season.
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