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Canadian Press
Dec 12, 2006, 4:34 PM EST

LAKE ST. LOUIS, Mo. (CP) - A pair of weekend games between the Fort Wayne Komets and Elmira Jackals that featured 385 penalty minutes resulted in a bevy of suspensions by the United Hockey League on Tuesday.

Most of the incidents stem from a brawl in Elmira's 3-2 win Friday night, with more trouble in Saturday's 5-3 Fort Wayne victory.

Three Elmira players were suspended a total of 18 games, they were fined along with a Fort Wayne player, both coaching staffs and organizations were fined and Jackals coach Robbie Nichols was banished for three games.

Nichols earned his punishment for heading to the Fort Wayne locker-room area Friday night to confront Komets centre and assistant coach Bruce Richardson. Police were eventually called to Elmira's First Arena.

Jackals defenceman Milan Maslonka was in the middle of trouble both nights and was hit the hardest. He was suspended three games for his role in Friday's brawl and received seven more for an attempt to injure, cross-checking match penalty Saturday.

Jackals right-winger Curtis Tidball got six games and was fined an undisclosed amount for leaving the bench to fight on Friday while teammate Chanse Fitzpatrick received two games for his actions.

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