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hmm, seems like(hkyfn) hes being a wind bag

hmm.. the plot thickens.. should i call the police, probie? or am i going to be referee? :laugh:

but in all reality i agree with you,FCP, and some of the others.. that empty netter just sealed the fate..

i also agree, wings in six! the boys need to take this team more serious.... and yes, the wings should have gotten a penalty shot on that thrown stick.. i dont get why they didnt call that!

LOL.. yep, i know a guy from cali.. other than hkyfn.. and well they are wino's.:laugh:

back to the issue at hand.

I wouldnt count any of the big teams out just yet.. and let me tell ya, the wings always alot of times, lose the second game.. one game.. proves ziltch! all that proves is their game wasnt strong..

now if they lose the series (which i doubt ) then you (hkyfn) can jump down everyones throats bragging who was right and wrong, but until then hkyfn, your just being a windbag.. go blow some air up someone else's skirt.. you love to keep things started dont you? with me and everyone else around here :laugh: ..yikes..

hmm.. some cali people just dunno the value of a good hockey club... man, fans that have great hockey values are hard to find now a days :p
1 - 8 of 23 Posts
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