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Hkyfn said:
You've lost a little of the Michigan swagger, FCP. I suppose reality will eventually do that to you.

The neutral zone trapping is all gone now, with the new rules in effect from the league. The big part of the trap was clutching and grabbing, but if a team plays that way, expect a stampede to the penalty box. In short, your team should spend the better part of the game on the power play. I see you are already using excuse number 68 (blame the NZT). I can't wait to read your other excuses as your grey beard Red Wings limp out the door, after having their asses severly kicked.

You know very little about the Ducks, they play a full out, offensive type game built on speed. Led by soon to be Norris winner, Neidermeyer (yes, the award given for the BEST DEFENSEMEN-understand that wingnut!) and with their speedy forwards, they're a team to be taken seriously. The Sharks are just the same.

Oh, one other thing FCP, try to cut back on the hooch, you're making too many typo's in your posts, which I attribute to excessive alcohol comsuption. My moniker is Hkyfn, not Hckyfck. :cheeky4:
Ya, Lidstrom is definitely a Norris candidate, it should go to him. I never said that the Sharks and Ducks weren't good teams, I actually like them both.

Stop flaming, and make intelligent posts. I might actually start taking you seriously then.

I actually had the Wings winning in 6, so its not really a surprise to me that they lost this game....

The Wings lost by 2 with one being an EN, thats not exactly getting their butt kicked.

I fully expect the Wings to rebound with a better game then they played today. Honestly, they really looked bad today, and they didn't deserve to win.
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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