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Versatile Players in the NHL

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There are quite a few players in the NHL these days that are able to play more than 1 position, whether it be jus on offence or a switch from offence to defence.

If anyone has some to name, that'd be good.

I know that Alexander Steen and Matt Stajan can play all 3 forward positions (C/LW/RW), and Tucker can play both wings and used to be a Centerman on the Leafs the first year or two he got to Toronto.

Then there are also players like Sami Kapanen who played defence in the playoffs for the Flyers a few years ago when they were short on players. He actually did okay.

Christoph Schubert on Ottawa is a Defenceman, but he plays switches to both forward and defenceman quite often.

Anymore can to be named?
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Mark Streit and Mathieu Dandeinault both off of Montreal.
Canuck said:
Mark Streit and Mathieu Dandeinault both off of Montreal.
I forgot about those two, especially Dandenault.
Does Wade Belak count?

He can't really play either d or forward but he has been given minutes at both positions?
Ugh! :mad:

He's not good at any of them... but I guess so.
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