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Vbookie Is Up and Running!

Hey everyone,
The staff here at HockeyForum.Com are excited to announce that we have Vbookie up and running. Vbookie is aforum based fantasy gambling program.
Its awesome! All those points you’ve been earning when you post and submit pictures can now be used to gamble with!
We can arrange bets on anything, most points in the playoffs, who will win the cup, who will get injured etc. The options are endless and really we’re only limited by our imagination.

The Administrators and moderators are the ones who set it all up via posting in the Hockey Betting and Gambling forum area. All you have to do is join the discussion, look at the top of the admin/mods post for the table, input the amount you want to spend on one of the bets and click the “bet” button. You’re now in the running to win big bucks, or lose 10K like I did last night betting against new jersey :p

Any input guys / gals, let me know. This will be an exciting part of the forums and definitely be the beginning of some bragging rights :p


PS. Heres the THREAD where i lost my 10,000 ebux :thumbsdow :laugh:
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