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USA 2010 Olympic Hockey Roster And Discussion

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In The Spotlight

G Ryan Miller​

Arguably the best goaltender in the NHL this season has performed admirably for the Buffalo Sabres. Expected to be the starting goaltender, he brings good size, technical skills and athleticism to the American net.

D Erik Johnson​

Johnson is the best all-around defenseman that America has produced in years. At only 21, he's got a wealth of international competition, representing America in both the World Juniors and the World Championships in 2007. He will play in all situations and against the top lines of other teams.

LW Zach Parise​

Parise has developed himself into a player that is dominant in all areas of the ice. Because of this, he will play on the top line with the American team and get plenty of ice time in key situations.

Full Roster

Ryan Miller
, Buffalo Sabres (NHL)
Jonathan Quick, Los Angeles Kings (NHL)
Tim Thomas, Boston Bruins (NHL)

Tim Gleason, Carolina Hurricanes (NHL)
Erik Johnson, St. Louis Blues (NHL)
Jack Johnson, Los Angeles Kings (NHL)
Brooks Orpik, Pittsburgh Penguins (NHL)
Brian Rafalski, Detroit Red Wings (NHL)
Ryan Suter, Nashville Predators (NHL)
Ryan Whitney, Anaheim Ducks (NHL)

David Backes
, St. Louis Blues (NHL)
Dustin Brown, Los Angeles Kings (NHL)
Ryan Callahan, New York Rangers (NHL)
Chris Drury, New York Rangers (NHL)
Patrick Kane, Chicago Blackhawks (NHL)
Ryan Kesler, Vancouver Canucks (NHL)
Phil Kessel, Toronto Maple Leafs (NHL)
Jamie Langenbrunner, New Jersey Devils (NHL)
Ryan Malone, Tampa Bay Lightning (NHL)
Zach Parise, New Jersey Devils (NHL)
Joe Pavelski, San Jose Sharks (NHL)
Bobby Ryan, Anaheim Ducks (NHL)
Paul Statsny, Colorado Avalance (NHL)
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I'd go with Bogosian as the replacement
Parise the secret weapon for the usa.
I'd hardly call him a secret. He's the best goal scorer on our team. Our secret weapon is probably Ryan Callahan. He's a physical player who can also score. He plays both end well, and not a lot of people know him
I'd hardly call him a secret. He's the best goal scorer on our team. Our secret weapon is probably Ryan Callahan. He's a physical player who can also score. He plays both end well, and not a lot of people know him[/QU

He's a secret weapon because he can deke and dangle the crap out of goaltenders on a breakaway. That's what i mean't for him being a secret weapon. Callahan i saw was hard hitting in the opener. But no points, the secondary scorers like Backes,Malone,and Bobby Ryan. Parise wasn't a secret weapon in that game though. If push comes to shove he's going to have to be great.
But that's not a secret. It's a weapon for sure but it's not going to be a secret to anyone. The whole world knows he's our best goal scorer.
Hey it wasn't me that that named him the "secret weapon" I'm just supporting. Alright.?
I'm so confused:frown:
Hell yea! That game was freakin awesome! Great game by the U.S.A. Kept it physical, played good defense against a very skilled team, and capitalized on our opportunities.

But I'm not gonna pretend those are the main reasons we won the game. Ryan Miller stood on his head and pretty much won it for us. The man is an animal and I can't describe how happy I am to have him on my side.

We gotta keep playing like this. I'm not gonna go as far to say as we're gonna win gold, but if we keep playing like this we have a much better shot at it than I thought we did a week ago.

And Canada could have played better, we still need to improve on our mistakes, but overall great game.

Did anyone even notice Phil Kessel? I saw one PP with him on it and one time he missed a pass that went off his skate and that was about it.
I said the same thing during the game, he seemed to just disappear, anyone got any info on this?
He only played seven and a half minutes, which was the second lowest of any of the forwards, infront of Malone, who played six minutes. Ron Wilson said that he didn't deserve the spot on the line he was initially placed on and moved him to the fourth line.
wow, that's harsh. And i'm sure it won't make things any better in Toronto.
Well I didn't get to watch the first 2 periods cuz I had lifting, but I want to know how the hell Hiller played that good for that long. We played good in the 3rd, but Hiller still played great as well.

And I saw we got 2 goals called back as well, wasn't home for the 1st one but I saw the highlight. That was soooooooo close. And the 2nd one was that olympic hockey rule you can't hit the head at all.

But at least we got the win. And it is, and has to be for two more games. "Miller Time"
You Americans and you're false modesty makes me laugh, America has never been modest about anything. Not really worried about Team USA no more then I was Russia, if Canada gets to Miller its over.
That is a very big if. They couldn't get to him the first time
What tournament are you watching?????
maybe the Slovak's and Russia are having a golf tournament?
Must be planned for Saturday when both teams are done playing hockey. ;)
haha, something tells me Finland might have to hop on a plane and get in that one.:laugh:


Well as much as I want Canada to win the Slovaks were my #2 pick. It is posted somewhere around here. I believe I had them losing to Canada in the Finals not the semi's but I am happy for them.

Anyway I am prepared to take the winner of Slovakia and Canada in the finals. I just don't see any team being able to withstand the type of onslaught the Canadians served to the Russians lastnight.
lol my picks were Russia, Sweden, Canada. shows what I know about olympic hockey.
LMao? Halak the hottest goalie cumming in?
haha, cumming.

But on a serious note, Halak was hot coming into the tournament. Miller was as well, but you could make a case for Halak
Man, that was a tough one to go through. Sure did have it's up and downs. But in the end I really can't complain about a Silver with this team. Great effort by the USA boys. The only thing that makes me mad is WHY THE HELL DID IT HAVE TO BE CROSBY?!?!?!?!?!?! He didn't do anything all game, if we had to lose in ot I wish it would have been Toews he worked hard all tournament and all game.
Even as a Canadian I have to agree. Toews, Getzlaf, Doughty, Perry... It seems unfair that this is another feather in Crosby's cap, and another spotlight moment for him after he was rather ineffective all tournament.

There were others who deserved the glory that goes along with this goal more than Crosby does.
Exactly, there were so many guys that worked, and played better than him all tournament long. I would have had no problem with any of those guys scoring.
Does it not feel wrong that this moment of Success, was unfairly dropped in his lap?

In Crosby's defense, when they were handing out the medals, Crosby appeared uncomfortable that he was singled out at the end. The medal presenter even paused and appealed for more applause.

Although this might be an unfair feather in his cap, I respect him more for looking like he wanted nothing to do with being put ahead of his teammates.

He knows that 18 other guys are the reason he even had a chance to take that shot.

For that I give him a :bt

I agree, as a person I have never had a problem with Crosby. He seems like a really nice guy. And yeah, I think he knows what his team did for him. The puck just happened to be on his stick.
The one person who impress me the most in just todays game was Dustin Brown. He was going to the net hard all game. I thought he was gonna put one in sooner or later, but I guess not.
Usa was the best team throughout the whole olympics until the gold medal game. I'd say Canada got lucky.
No we weren't. You could argue Ryan Miller was the best player, but we weren't the best team. Canada was. If we didn't have Miller Canada would have smoked us in both games.

We had a great showing and I'm very proud of what we accomplished, but by no stretch were we the best team in the Olympics. Canada didn't get lucky. If anything we got lucky that Luongo didn't hang on to that rebound and Parise was in great position.
We weren't the best team coming in, but we were the best team coming into the gold medal game.
No we weren't. Just because we had the best record doesn't mean we were the best team. We had the hottest goalie, but not the best team. And Canada proved that they were the best. Even in the game we beat them in, they still worked us over.

We are a great team and have come a long way. But there was no point in that tournament where we were the best team.
But when it actually mattered the US team wasn't at it's best.
I think we were at out best. I think our best, just wasn't as good as your best.
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