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USA 2010 Olympic Hockey Roster And Discussion

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In The Spotlight

G Ryan Miller​

Arguably the best goaltender in the NHL this season has performed admirably for the Buffalo Sabres. Expected to be the starting goaltender, he brings good size, technical skills and athleticism to the American net.

D Erik Johnson​

Johnson is the best all-around defenseman that America has produced in years. At only 21, he's got a wealth of international competition, representing America in both the World Juniors and the World Championships in 2007. He will play in all situations and against the top lines of other teams.

LW Zach Parise​

Parise has developed himself into a player that is dominant in all areas of the ice. Because of this, he will play on the top line with the American team and get plenty of ice time in key situations.

Full Roster

Ryan Miller
, Buffalo Sabres (NHL)
Jonathan Quick, Los Angeles Kings (NHL)
Tim Thomas, Boston Bruins (NHL)

Tim Gleason, Carolina Hurricanes (NHL)
Erik Johnson, St. Louis Blues (NHL)
Jack Johnson, Los Angeles Kings (NHL)
Brooks Orpik, Pittsburgh Penguins (NHL)
Brian Rafalski, Detroit Red Wings (NHL)
Ryan Suter, Nashville Predators (NHL)
Ryan Whitney, Anaheim Ducks (NHL)

David Backes
, St. Louis Blues (NHL)
Dustin Brown, Los Angeles Kings (NHL)
Ryan Callahan, New York Rangers (NHL)
Chris Drury, New York Rangers (NHL)
Patrick Kane, Chicago Blackhawks (NHL)
Ryan Kesler, Vancouver Canucks (NHL)
Phil Kessel, Toronto Maple Leafs (NHL)
Jamie Langenbrunner, New Jersey Devils (NHL)
Ryan Malone, Tampa Bay Lightning (NHL)
Zach Parise, New Jersey Devils (NHL)
Joe Pavelski, San Jose Sharks (NHL)
Bobby Ryan, Anaheim Ducks (NHL)
Paul Statsny, Colorado Avalance (NHL)
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LOL at Parise being a secret weapon. I'd have to say it's a toss-up between Parise and Kane for best player on the American roster. If I were building a team right now, I think I'd rather have Parise.

Great win by the U.S. tonight. What a fun game to watch. My favorite part was the back-to-back-to-back breakaways... very exciting.
That was awesome. Who was that? Parise, Nash, and then someone else, right?
USA USA USA what a great game
Speaking of your sig, I thought it was hilarious that during the Czech/Russia game, they mentioned that on the Russian bench they were speaking Russia, on the Czech bench they were speaking Czech, but when they were speaking to each other, it was English, and it wasn't pretty.
Umm... I was thinking Dustin Brown, Thornton, then Bobby Ryan. Maybe I'm way off though. ??
No no, I think Bobby Ryan was the last one with the clearest chance so if I didn't remember that correctly, I would imagine you were right on the rest of them. Maybe I just assumed Parise was the first one because I remember it being a difficult backhand shot made easy and then an intelligent player putting on the breaks to poke at their rebound instead of gliding away to the side admiring his shot.
He only played seven and a half minutes, which was the second lowest of any of the forwards, infront of Malone, who played six minutes. Ron Wilson said that he didn't deserve the spot on the line he was initially placed on and moved him to the fourth line.
Ouch. What gives with Malone playing so little? I think he played fairly well the first couple of games. I really dislike the way Ron Wilson coaches. He seems like such a d*ck. Napolean on ice...
You Americans and you're false modesty makes me laugh, America has never been modest about anything. Not really worried about Team USA no more then I was Russia, if Canada gets to Miller its over.
Your sweeping genarlizations are baseless on this site. Much like your feeble attempt at self-reassurance. USA won that game. Get over it.
Did anyone just see Ruutu jump on Miller and more importantly Jokinen just attack Kane with a slash to the foot for not doing anything?!
Yea I saw that. Kane did nothing but skate up towards the net. I dont know what it was all about, maybe he was just mad about the score. But Jokinen did get 2 and 10. Right?
I think it was just Ruutu who got 2 and 10. Jokinen showed zero class there, and had that been an NHL game, he surely would've had to answer to a much bigger guy who wouldn't be afraid of being penalized for teaching him a lesson.
But of course I have to read the "I wish it wasn't Crosby" stuff. Sure, he was lucky to have the puck land on his stick, and he didn't have the strongest game, but when push comes to shove, who came up when it mattered the most for Canada on the biggest stage? To say he was ineffective throughout the tournament is inaccurate, as he was the second leading scorer on the team. For all the hate this guy gets, he deserved to have that chance.

Miller, Rafalski, and Parise had an amazing tournament for team USA.
Getzlaf was terrible in the beginning of the tournament.

When the game was 4-2 for the US, Crosby scored a goal to give Canada a chance by making it 4-3. The game mattered then.

No matter how you slice it, your points are that he only scored when it didn't matter. A game-winning overtime goal for the gold medal disproves that.
It's a preconception. You don't like Crosby, and therefore, for him to "justify" his status of being the face of the NHL and being an elite player in the Olympics, you expected him to have to score in every big situation possible. Your expectations are unreasonable, because had he scored against the Russians, you would've said, "big deal he padded his stats in another blow-out game" and if he scored against the Germans, you'd have said, "big deal - it's Germany!" There wasn't anything he could've done besides score 5 game-winning goals in the tournament AND score the game-winner in OT to make you say he had a good tournament. What more can you say of a guy that scores the game-winning goal in an OT gold medal game? If this were Yzerman or Sakic in the same situation you'd be talking about how these guys always saved their best for when it mattered most.
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In Rafalsski's defense, he was on the ice basically the entire game. It seemed like he never came off. Maybe he was a little tired and that's why he ended up out of position in OT.
Wasn't it Suter who slid over when he didn't need to? I thought Rafalski was already there and was in the right spot. The first goal he turned it over, but it was a mistake my E. Johnson to toss that puck out to a defenseman in front of the net. I don't think Rafalski was expecting it...especially since he's probably used to his other defensive partner parting the seas, hovering above the rink, and carrying the puck gracefully into the opposing team's goal in that situation, lol. And a forward could have easily collapsed down low - I mean it was ot in the gold medal game - defense should've been a top priority.
And that would have been Parise. He was floating in the high slot area when he actually probably should have been much lower, so I agree with you on this one, too.
Awwww it way my boy Parise. He was way too high in the slot, although you're right, Rafalski did lose his head for just a split second not staying goal-side of Crosby. Maybe just a bit tired.
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