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USA 2010 Olympic Hockey Roster And Discussion

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In The Spotlight

G Ryan Miller​

Arguably the best goaltender in the NHL this season has performed admirably for the Buffalo Sabres. Expected to be the starting goaltender, he brings good size, technical skills and athleticism to the American net.

D Erik Johnson​

Johnson is the best all-around defenseman that America has produced in years. At only 21, he's got a wealth of international competition, representing America in both the World Juniors and the World Championships in 2007. He will play in all situations and against the top lines of other teams.

LW Zach Parise​

Parise has developed himself into a player that is dominant in all areas of the ice. Because of this, he will play on the top line with the American team and get plenty of ice time in key situations.

Full Roster

Ryan Miller
, Buffalo Sabres (NHL)
Jonathan Quick, Los Angeles Kings (NHL)
Tim Thomas, Boston Bruins (NHL)

Tim Gleason, Carolina Hurricanes (NHL)
Erik Johnson, St. Louis Blues (NHL)
Jack Johnson, Los Angeles Kings (NHL)
Brooks Orpik, Pittsburgh Penguins (NHL)
Brian Rafalski, Detroit Red Wings (NHL)
Ryan Suter, Nashville Predators (NHL)
Ryan Whitney, Anaheim Ducks (NHL)

David Backes
, St. Louis Blues (NHL)
Dustin Brown, Los Angeles Kings (NHL)
Ryan Callahan, New York Rangers (NHL)
Chris Drury, New York Rangers (NHL)
Patrick Kane, Chicago Blackhawks (NHL)
Ryan Kesler, Vancouver Canucks (NHL)
Phil Kessel, Toronto Maple Leafs (NHL)
Jamie Langenbrunner, New Jersey Devils (NHL)
Ryan Malone, Tampa Bay Lightning (NHL)
Zach Parise, New Jersey Devils (NHL)
Joe Pavelski, San Jose Sharks (NHL)
Bobby Ryan, Anaheim Ducks (NHL)
Paul Statsny, Colorado Avalance (NHL)
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I'm disappointed that Bill Guerin is not in the roster. :thumbsdow
I wouldn't bring him either.
I find it suspect and Hilarious that Komisarek is in over Keith Ballard. Its obvious Burke and Wilson are bringing their Leaf fail to the USA olympic squad.

A slow guy who has not looked good in the larger Olympic rink against teams that were obviously picked based on speed first.
It's being played on NHL-sized ice. Not arguing that there aren't better choices though, because there definitely are. If they wanted a shutdown guy, then Matt Greene would have fit the bill.

But obviously they're biased.
I thought Matt Carle had a chance too
There were a lot of defensemen with chances, but since it's Komisarek, I assume that Burke was trying to bring a defensive stud, which isn't exactly Carle.

Here's Ryan Miller's Olympic mask, if anyone is interested:

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Ron Wilson seems to think that Paul Martin (and maybe Komisarek) won't be able to play in the Olympics this year.

"He has to play a number of games. Same as Mike Komisarek," Wilson said to the Star-Ledger. "If he only plays one or two games, it wouldn't be fair to Paul Martin and, probably more likely, to the New Jersey Devils as well. If he's not ready to play, this is a huge event. It's not an exhibition tour.

"If he is ready, that's even better for us. But let's wait until the doctors decide what's going on. I mean he's had his arm in a cast for three months, so I don't know how you can get yourself ready in two weeks. But if he can, that's great."
Usa is going to have bad defense!
Well, the USA does have defensemen that weren't named to the team that are just as good as those that were named. Ballard, Yandle, Whitney, Wisniewski and Bogosian could all be solid replacements.

I'd mention Andy Greene, he wasn't on the preliminary list that USA Hockey submitted before the season for drug testing. Since he didn't take the drug test, he's not eligible. Sweden ran into this in the case of Niclas Bergfors, who they tried to add to their team late.
Martin officially withdraws.

The following is a statement from Devils’ defenseman Paul Martin in regard to his participation in the 2010 Olympic Winter Games:

“After careful consideration, I have decided to withdraw my name from participation with Team USA at the upcoming Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver. While the decision was an extremely difficult one, I feel it is in my long-term best interest to not rush any return to the ice.

“Team USA was informed of my decision earlier today. I look forward to re-joining my New Jersey Devil teammates in the near future, and would also like to wish my fellow Devils’ Olympians and the rest of Team USA good luck in their pursuit of the gold medal.”
Komisarek is undergoing season ending shoulder surgery, so he will miss the Olympics.
Gleason and Whitney have replaced Martin and Komisarek.
I heard about a few rumours of players not being able to play for Team USA any of these true? Players like Statsny and Kesler?
They're eligible. Given how those two are talking about the games, the only way that they miss is if they're injured, I think.

I've heard no rumors about those two though.
yes he is.
Oh yes, the best American player in the NHL is a secret weapon. Good one.
He's a secret weapon because he can deke and dangle the crap out of goaltenders on a breakaway. That's what i mean't for him being a secret weapon. Callahan i saw was hard hitting in the opener. But no points, the secondary scorers like Backes,Malone,and Bobby Ryan. Parise wasn't a secret weapon in that game though. If push comes to shove he's going to have to be great.
This isn't how a secret weapon works. A secret weapon would be either an unknown or something that the opponents aren't thinking is important but can hurt you.

Parise isn't unknown. And the opponents know how important Parise is to the United States offense.
Hey it wasn't me that that named him the "secret weapon" I'm just supporting. Alright.?
Wait, what?

Parise the secret weapon for the usa.
Well I saw something on that called Parise the secret weapon of Team USA... maybe that's where he picked that up.
They also once called Marc-Andre Fleury the fourth best Canadian player in the NHL. Bravo,, bravo.
I said the same thing during the game, he seemed to just disappear, anyone got any info on this?
He only played seven and a half minutes, which was the second lowest of any of the forwards, infront of Malone, who played six minutes. Ron Wilson said that he didn't deserve the spot on the line he was initially placed on and moved him to the fourth line.
Ouch. What gives with Malone playing so little? I think he played fairly well the first couple of games. I really dislike the way Ron Wilson coaches. He seems like such a d*ck. Napolean on ice...
The way that Burke built the team was to have a top six and a bottom six. Malone was one of the bottom six players. His ice time has fluctuated depending on who the USA is playing and if they need a physical presence (from 9 minutes, to 14, then 6), unlike Kessel's, who's ice time has dropped each game (from 15, to 12, then 7).

Wilson's also rotated powerplay time for the spot in front of the net, so I assume that Malone didn't get a whole lot of that time against Canada. He'll probably play more against Belarus or Switzerland since I haven't heard anything about attitude or work ethic problems from him.

wow, that's harsh. And i'm sure it won't make things any better in Toronto.
Harsh, but if he's not willing to put in the effort in practice or at games for the Olympics, then what Wilson said is pretty deserved.

The winner of the Switzerland/Belarus game, which means probably the Swiss. They took Canada to the shootout already, so the US better not take them lightly.
Well, the USA already beat Switzerland once. I think they know what it takes to beat them, but if they don't put in the full effort, it could be an upset.
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There were definitely some points at the end of that game that could have been penalties for the USA team. They were lucky they weren't called.

Other than that, the USA team played very well. I'm a little ticked at Rafalski since he's barely shown a glimpse of how he's playing right now throughout the season for the Red Wings.
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