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Saturday, 01/20/07
Trotz sees bias against Predators


That is what Predators Coach Barry Trotz would like to see.

When Nashville took over as the NHL's points leader following Thursday's win against Columbus, many of the locals were abuzz with excitement.

However, generating that same kind of enthusiasm elsewhere in North America might prove to be a difficult task, even if Nashville continues its recent success.

"I think, unfortunately, it has a little bit to do with our market," Trotz said. "When you think of Nashville, hockey is not the first thing that comes to your mind. I know I get frustrated sometimes with the Canadian media that don't give us a lot of respect. They can't understand that there's good hockey teams in Tampa and Nashville and Carolina and places like that. I am Canadian, so it does bother me.

" … To me (hockey is) one of the greatest games in the world to participate in and watch, and Canadians sometimes think we are getting the game taken away, but really what we are doing is showing the great game we do have to the rest of the world.

"So from that standpoint, it does bother me that we don't get the respect, but at the same time you don't get respect until you win and keep winning and keep proving to people that there is good hockey here, and we are a good hockey team."
Trotz sees bias against Predators - Nashville, Tennessee - Saturday, 01/20/07 -

Nasvhille is currently 1st in the NHL with 71 Points after 49 Games Played, 1 ahead of the Buffalo Sabres.
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