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Everyone has a few favourite things they never leave home without, and the Canucks are no exception. In a new bi-monthly feature on, we’ll take a closer look inside the suitcases of your Vancouver Canucks as they hit the road.

You’re more likely to find Trevor Linden buried in the back of the history section at Chapters than pacing the aisles at Best Buy. The man possesses a professor’s mentality both on and off the ice, and that theme carries over into his travel bag.

“It’s not too interesting I have to admit,” he says. “I’m not a gadget guy, I don’t carry a computer, don’t carry an iPod, and I don’t carry a PSP.”

“I’m pretty simple. I’m old school.”


The Canucks take 63 charter flights every season excluding playoffs. That’s roughly 150 hours in the air – or enough card games to bankrupt Las Vegas. Linden’s not a gambler, and the only electric device he carries with him is a simple cell phone.

“I’m a big book guy,” he says. “I just finished the autobiography of Martin Luther King. And right now I just started the Conrad Black story, which has been fascinating.”

Conrad Black, or Lord Baron Black of Crossharbour as he’s known to his friends, is the famed Canadian press baron whose empire collapsed in 2004 under the crippling weight of 11 fraud charges. It’s said his wife, Barbara Amiel, once outfitted his private jet with a $250,000 washroom.


Linden’s a planner. Not once in his 17-year career has Linden made the cold, late-night walk to the concierge desk to fetch a complementary toothbrush. Stocking the shaving bag’s all part of the routine.

“I travel pretty light,” he says. “I have the Remington clipper, but anyone who knows me knows I don’t shave a whole lot.”

“And I use the Oral B toothbrush: It’s the straight old school kind. And I supply the toothpaste to the room as Ohly will attest to. I squeeze the Crest.”


No self-respecting NHLer leaves the locker room without the good duds.

“I do have a trusty road suit that usually comes with me,” says Linden. “It’s a Giorgio Armani, pretty dark, pretty simple. It’s dark so it takes the odd stain here and there and just keeps on going. It’s dark blue with three buttons. I got it at Mark James.”


Comfort is key when you’re sleeping in 50 different beds over an eight-month span. That’s why Linden always takes ‘The Shirt.’

“I bring the same t-shirt all the time that I sit and read in bed with,” he says. “It was a t-shirt that I got in Columbus, Ohio at The Arnold Bodybuilding Show.”


Can’t be late for the plane, so you’ve got to have the time. Linden has three solid watches in his rotation, but he’s leaning on the Pannarai, Luminor GMT.

“I got it from a dear friend in New York City,” says Linden. “I like watches, I’ve got a few, but I wouldn’t say I’m a collector. I’ve got a Rolex and an Omega as well. I take them all on the road but it alternates depending on what kind of mood I’m in.”
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