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Trade Proposals

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I have noticed on a few other hockey boards trade proposals are usually very popular and can create good discussions. So I thought I would start one here for anyone who has an idea for a trade to post it.
Just make sure your ideas are realistic and not to post one player being traded to a team for a bag of pucks.

For anyone who doesn't know what a trade proposal is an example is:

To Tampa:
Brent Seabrook

To Chicago:
Vaclav Prospal
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I don't think Jovo is going back to Vancity and I don't think San Jose would part with Thorton either.

Awesome thread though.

Maybe a Sedin and a pick for Chechoo?
Canuck said:
This could be a decent trade since Tampa is looking to get rid of prospal and leafs hate how antropoc gets hurt to easily.

To Tampa:

Nik Antropov
2007 5th round pick

To Toronto:

Vaclav Prospal
Future Considerations
Not bad but I don't like trading picks, even in the 5th round, especially only for a guy like Prospal. Can he play on the wing? He's a minus -33 in his career, that kinda scares me. But I have been looking for a way to get Antropov out of Toronto for years now. I'd probably do this trade.

SabresFan said:

To Ottawa:
V. Lecaviler (IDK on spelling)
2nd Round Pick

To T.B.:
Dany Heatley
3rd Round Pick
I don't think the Sens would get rid of Heatley, although Lecaviler has the playoff experience they need.

How about this one:

To Carolina: Derek Armstrong

To LA: Chad LaRose and a late draft pick.
I love the Nagy idea, it'd be great to get him out of the desert and in a Toronto uni.

There's no way the Canes are giving up on Ward just yet, not after seeing Razor bounce back from a rough second season. Plus Hasek is a hack.

Doan would fit in nicely with the Oilers but Pisani is a future stud, so I'd be worried about dealing him, especially to a western team.
DutchNinja said:
I could definately see Murray going to San Jose but Stuart too?
I think Stuart will end up elsewhere, such as:

To Edmonton:
Brad Stuart

To Boston:
Joffrey Lupol
2nd Round Pick
I like it. Although I'm sure that Lupul will be tough to pry out of Edmonton's hands.
Yeah that really is a horrible trade for the Blues.
Considering the guys in front of him Legace has had a good past few months. He started the season shaky but like Quintessence said he was a huge part of the Blues playing so well last month.
mab29 said:
alright so what would be the right price for legace to be dealt
A starting goalie in return probably. Legace is the closet thing to being safe in St. Louis only because there's no one in sight to take his job. But also you have him leaving with Guerin and no prospects or coming back, just a washed-up back up goalie and a second round pick.
I think it's time to get Morrison out of Vancouver and everyone knows Samsonov wants out of Montreal, I'm not sure if the Canadiens would be willing to part with a gritty player like Ryder, but it looks like a do-able deal.
Action Jackson said:
99% of these trades would never happen. They do not serve a purpose for the teams involved, the salary cap would get in the way, most of the players involved are untouchable, and/or the trades are lopsided.
Yeah but it's all for fun anyways. Care to give it a shot?
Action Jackson said:
I want to bring sense to this forum but I doubt it will happen, too many homers here. If you want my say, the Avalanche could probably get steals for Klee and Brisebois, lots of retarded general managers out there who think they are usefull.
Who is being a homer?

Look at the Nagy and Stuart trades, no one would have thought Phoenix would have taken what they have and Cal/Bos wasn't too far off of trades proposed here.

As Quin said, if you don't like rumors avoid the section dedicated to it.
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