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Trade Proposals

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I have noticed on a few other hockey boards trade proposals are usually very popular and can create good discussions. So I thought I would start one here for anyone who has an idea for a trade to post it.
Just make sure your ideas are realistic and not to post one player being traded to a team for a bag of pucks.

For anyone who doesn't know what a trade proposal is an example is:

To Tampa:
Brent Seabrook

To Chicago:
Vaclav Prospal
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To Vancouver:
Vinny Lecavillier
Corey Sarich

To Tampa Bay:
2007 1st round draft pick
Brendan Morrison

Great thread Amanda I could have fun with this idea alot. Ill probaly post 1 proposal per day now:D
To Montreal:
Olli Jokinen
Alex Auld

To Florida:

Sergei Samsonov
David Aebischer
ShooterMcGavin said:
Boston Gets:
Michael Handzus
Brandon Bochenski
2nd Roud Pick 07

Chicago Gets:
Marc Savard
Maybe if you added Brad Boyes or some other young guy that trade might go through but handzus bochenski and 2nd rounder is just way to much for savard. Maybe take bochenski or the second rounder out and it might work
khabibulin fan said:
to san jose:naslund,sedin twins,1st round and 2nd round
draft pick

to vancouver:chechoo,joe thornton,scott thornton
The picks have to be realistic.
This could be a decent trade since Tampa is looking to get rid of prospal and leafs hate how antropoc gets hurt to easily.

To Tampa:

Nik Antropov
2007 5th round pick

To Toronto:

Vaclav Prospal
Future Considerations
khabibulin fan said:
oh yea non hockey town i guess they just won the cup a couple of years ago yea not a hockey market.yea well no on ethinks morrison is any good
stop acting childish. Amanda makes a great point
khabibulin fan said:
now theres a realistic trade if i ever saw one canucks fan u can learn athing or two from this guy
Please, your post doesnt make sense. I posted my trade because Tampa is trying to get some cap space and by getting rid of Vinny, Richards, or st.louis that would free up some cap space for Tampa. And Morrison is a experienced talented Center that Vancouver has been rumored to have been trading.

Anyways here a proposal

To Edmonton:

Shane Doan

To Phoenix:
Fernando Pisani
either a late pick or/ Brad Winchester
To Toronto:
Ladislav Nagy

To Phoenix:
Nik Antropov
2nd Round Pick
I like this idea. This could be a really good trade if it ever happend
Wont happen. They would need way more than just a few young guys for Sundin. I don't think Sundin is going anywhere though
DutchNinja said:
OK, here is a revamped Maple Leaf trade since you guys didn't like my Sundin one.

To Edmonton:
Bryan McCabe
Colin Murphy

To Toronto:
Raffi Torres
Ladislav Smid
Rob Shremp
2nd Round Pick
sorry ninja I dont think edmonton would take mcabe just for even torres. Id maybe trade Mccabe to Edmonton for just Smid.

Theres way to many young guys in the trade and a 2nd round pick. Mccabe isnt even that good of a defencman.
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