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Trade Proposals

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I have noticed on a few other hockey boards trade proposals are usually very popular and can create good discussions. So I thought I would start one here for anyone who has an idea for a trade to post it.
Just make sure your ideas are realistic and not to post one player being traded to a team for a bag of pucks.

For anyone who doesn't know what a trade proposal is an example is:

To Tampa:
Brent Seabrook

To Chicago:
Vaclav Prospal
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khabibulin trade for the nucks

to the canucks:khabibulin
tuomo ruutu
adrian aucoin

to the blackhawks:roberto luongo, josh green,and a 2nd round draft pick
Amanda said:
I kinda like that one, it would free up a bunch of cap space for Tampa, Lecavalier would get a change in scenery which could be good, since him and Tortorella never really got along. Tampa would get Brendan Morrison an average centre, and maybe he needs a change to boost his offence a bit? And a first round pick although Tampa sucks at drafts they could pick up a good prospect.
yea why dont u just throw in jarome iginla in for fitzpatrick
this deal would never work brendan morrison is so unheard of that the tampa fans wouldnt even know what team morrison plays for
jovo deal

great deal

to phoenix:eek:hlund,morrison,3rd round pick,
and cash

to vancouver:jovanovski,shane doan,and owen nolan
another good deal by clarke

to san jose:naslund,sedin twins,1st round and 2nd round
draft pick

to vancouver:chechoo,joe thornton,scott thornton
Amanda said:
And what does him being unknown to tampa fans have to do with the deals Feaster makes?
Plus Tampa fans OR fans in places considered non-hockey markets aren't as clueless as people think.

oh yea non hockey town i guess they just won the cup a couple of years ago yea not a hockey market.yea well no on ethinks morrison is any good
Canuck said:
stop acting childish. Amanda makes a great point

you are only saying that because you are the one that posted this trade in the first place
Canuck said:
stop acting childish. Amanda makes a great point

and the reason u are saying that unbelievable trade is because u are a canucks fan just like me but i know that tampa bay is not that dumb.
Sabres Fan said:
Stop Fighting PLZ


To Ottawa:
V. Lecaviler (IDK on spelling)
2nd Round Pick

To T.B.:
Dany Heatley
3rd Round Pick

now theres a realistic trade if i ever saw one canucks fan u can learn athing or two from this guy
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