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Trade Proposals

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I have noticed on a few other hockey boards trade proposals are usually very popular and can create good discussions. So I thought I would start one here for anyone who has an idea for a trade to post it.
Just make sure your ideas are realistic and not to post one player being traded to a team for a bag of pucks.

For anyone who doesn't know what a trade proposal is an example is:

To Tampa:
Brent Seabrook

To Chicago:
Vaclav Prospal
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Detroit Gets:
Sergei Federov

Colombus Gets:
Robert Lang
Boston Gets:
Michael Handzus
Brandon Bochenski
2nd Roud Pick 07

Chicago Gets:
Marc Savard
Canuck said:
Maybe if you added Brad Boyes or some other young guy that trade might go through but handzus bochenski and 2nd rounder is just way to much for savard. Maybe take bochenski or the second rounder out and it might work

Dude my trades are more realistic then yours. The Lighting would never trade Vinny, he's there franchise player.
1 - 3 of 63 Posts
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