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ST. ALBERT, Alberta -- An Alberta community is dumping a plan to sell off the naming rights to a couple of hockey rinks that bear the names of NHL greats Mark Messier and Troy Murray.

St. Albert Mayor Paul Chalifoux admits they made a big mistake and says they've sent letters of apology to both men.

He's received nasty e-mails from across the country and says media reaction to the idea has been overwhelmingly negative.

The city offered both former players the chance to buy the rights themselves -- or suggest a corporate sponsor who might be interested -- but both declined.

The rinks were named after Messier and Murray in 1992 to honor the players who once lived in St. Albert and played for the now-defunct St. Albert Saints.

The city was offering to sell the naming rights to the Mark Messier Arena for $200,000 and to the Troy Murray Arena for $125,000.
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