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Tough start for Flames

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"It was a tough game," said Kiprusoff, who was beaten three times on the first seven shots, finished with 16 saves. "There wasn't too many shots but I think we have to be smarter playing in our own end."

Is it me but the paint change to his mask doesn't look all that great :dunno:
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Regardless I'm happy to hear Kipper has decided to go smoke free!
Well, they've won 3 straight, not all as convincing as I'd have liked but none the less they aren't bombing leads. Seems like this seasons started fairly mildly compaired to recent starts. Good thing nobody jumped off a tall skyscraper... **cough, cough phaneuf**:p

There are improvements to be made, but alot of them are minor. Langkow really needs to pick up his offence, however he's really making up for it in being solid defencively. Conroy has to realize his role this year and that is a solid 3rd line depth leader. He's taken to the leader part, but he's trying too much ofencively as though he were still playing as a top 6 forward.

The most important thing is Keenans still line scrambleing, but atleast now he's throwing out lines with decent chemistry. Another issue that could come up is they almost still lack an identity, right now it almost seems as though they're a team all about the top 2 lines. I'd really like to see them to start dominating teams defencively, I'm sure Phaneuf, Regehr, Sarich, and possibly Giordano are capable. If they can do that they'll be a better team than last year.
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Lets hope the guys can pull a win off at home tonight.
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