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Hope this is an appropriate place to post this question...

I am 18 years old, and looking to play 3v3 with my friends this summer, I have never played hockey before.

I have been shopping around for some equipment, and have come to a dilemma involving skates.

I have been told it is best to get skates 1.5 sizes down from your shoe size. I currently wear a size 9 shoe, so that would obviously put me at a 7.5 skate size. Problem is, the skates I am looking at are only available in sizes 7 and 8 (even). Would it be detrimental for me to be a half size off, and if not, should I go with the 8s or the 7s? Also, I have heard that some people get their skates "baked", does this make them fit better or just make them more comfortable? Here are the skates I am looking at purchasing:

Thank you, and any other advice regarding hockey for a new guy, or equipment advice would be greatly appreciated.
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