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shanny14 said:
1) Yzerman
3) Shanahan*myfavorite**ex wing*
4) Fedorov (ex wing)
5)Terrible Ted
6) Hasek
7)Red Kelly
9) Konstantinov
10) Head ex Coach Scotty Bowman.
Nice looking list of players you got there Shanny14....Interesting selection with Scotty Bowman....he makes my Top-10 Canadiens List. :D

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jgdeadrabbit said:
Gordie Howe
Ted Lindsay
Bob Probert
Joey Kocur
Dennis Polonich
Ron Harris
Terry Harper
Danny Gare
Jim Korn
and once again...... George 'Hully' Gee :D
Slightly different looking list than Shanny14's...a bit more emphasis on the toughness-side of the sport with the likes of Probert, Kocur and Korn.
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