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The Post Season Thread

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Sorry I'm a game late, and as of now the Kings are down in the series 1-0 and tied 2-2 after a beautiful dish from Kopitar to Simmonds. Let's hope they can pull this one out.
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I'm hoping for the Canucks..

EDIT- Kopitar scores,LA ties series 1-1.
Can't believe they took that too many men penalty. After that I figured they were gonna score. They were moving the puck so well on the power play, not to mention your two unlucky breaks. Kesler breaks a shot and go down, and then Luongo saves Kopitars shot and then deflects the puck in. What a tough way to go down.

I think the big swing was when Modin scored then like not more than a minute later, Simmonds scored. That really was a great run by the Kings. So now with the exception of the Hawks Preds series everyone is 1-1
There was a controversy regarding the penalty. So that's how I view it as a bad call which led to the goal that hit Luongos stick before going in.

Last nights game was another horrible one for Lu. I say put Raycroft on for game 4. Daniel Sedins first goal should have remained as a goal, he clearly was pushed by simmonds and didn't know he scored until Burrows congratulated him. He didn't kick it in. Foolish reffs the last two games.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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