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The Post Season Thread

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Sorry I'm a game late, and as of now the Kings are down in the series 1-0 and tied 2-2 after a beautiful dish from Kopitar to Simmonds. Let's hope they can pull this one out.
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I'm hoping for the Canucks..

EDIT- Kopitar scores,LA ties series 1-1.
Can't believe they took that too many men penalty. After that I figured they were gonna score. They were moving the puck so well on the power play, not to mention your two unlucky breaks. Kesler breaks a shot and go down, and then Luongo saves Kopitars shot and then deflects the puck in. What a tough way to go down.

I think the big swing was when Modin scored then like not more than a minute later, Simmonds scored. That really was a great run by the Kings. So now with the exception of the Hawks Preds series everyone is 1-1
Kings go up 2-1 over the Canucks. Really victimized Luongo early. After that all they really had to do was keep the intensity up and they were fine. Big night for Drew Doughty and Handzus. They need Doughty to continue to play like this through the playoffs.

One more game in L.A before the Kings head to Vancouver, I'm really starting to like the Kings for the upset right now, not to mention if that power play keeps up it's pace I'm not sure any human goalie can stop them.
There was a controversy regarding the penalty. So that's how I view it as a bad call which led to the goal that hit Luongos stick before going in.

Last nights game was another horrible one for Lu. I say put Raycroft on for game 4. Daniel Sedins first goal should have remained as a goal, he clearly was pushed by simmonds and didn't know he scored until Burrows congratulated him. He didn't kick it in. Foolish reffs the last two games.
Yeah that was for sure not a distinct kicking motion. He angles his skate which is legal. I'm not sure how you can wave that off.
wowo that was a great game. I thought if they just kept firing pucks at Luongo they would win easy. He has looked real shaky this whole series. But they really didn't shoot at him enough. And whenever I watch this team play, Simmonds gets better. The kid is always improving on both sides of the ice.

That was a tough one though. 2-2 going back to Vancouver, should make for a real exciting series.
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