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Bob McKenzie
12/20/2006 8:16:57 PM

Should we be worried about the Pittsburgh Penguins?

Well, the Penguins are not done in Pittsburgh, not yet. Yes, the Isle of Capri deal is dead, but all that means is that the team is legally entitled to start negotiating with the city, the county and the state to find out what they can do with Plan B.

Now, Plan B was unsatisfactory in the past. There was too much money left for the Penguins to pay in operating costs on an on-going basis. But the city, the county and the state have all said that the Plan was just a starting point for negotiations.

I think we are about four to six weeks away from finding out whether Pittsburgh will lose the Penguins or not. I still think there's room for a deal to be cut here.

What about Jim Balsillie coming back into the picture?

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