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The NHL has taken some lumps in the media lately and Paul Kukla and his readers want equal time to get their opinions on the record...

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Can we talk hockey?

Maintaining a hockey blog for a living, I run across most hockey-related stories, many causing my head to spin at times. Last night on my blog, a few readers left these comments after I pointed to a few "bashing the NHL stories".

"Why fans should watch ..."

Reason number 1: Hockey has no Terrell Owens. And if it did, all the fans would get the wonderful catharsis of seeing him get run over by (Georges) Laraque for being a mouthy little twerp and become one with a Viagra ad on the boards ...

I stick with my original theory. When a sports writer is on deadline, he pulls out an old article from a drawer labeled "bashing hockey". Simple, brainless, and all he has to do is make sure the names are topical. Thinking is hard; recycling the same old concepts is easy. -- Baroque

Is it possible for anyone to go to a hockey game and print a story on the positives? Seems this may be impossible ... Where is a "What's right with the league", or "Why fans should watch" column ... Somehow the Canadian fans find a lot to like, but when the U.S. border is crossed anything positive is turned upside down. -- Can anyone explain why this would seem to be the case? -- canesice

Canesice is on a roll.

Hockey is a year-round whipping boy for poor reasons. Show me a positive article about the MLB All-Star Game (it stinks, remember the game that ended in a tie!) and the same for the NFL. And since when is TNT a prime network, where basketball is relegated a big percentage of the time? And somehow the MLB day games on FOX - which only air part of the year - are just fine - when games airing part of the year on NBC are somehow not as good.

Someone in the NHL needs to seriously figure out why all this non stop negative press keeps occurring, and fix it - fast.

Wake up and revolt hockey fans! (Oh, and by the way, if hockey doesn't sell, then why does the media write these nonstop garbage stories? Who is their target audience?)

These comments from hockey fans like you and me represent the "very" silent majority of fans. We enjoy our game, sure there are problems, but every sport has its problems. The NHL problems seem to get magnified.

* Can't find the game on Versus

What's wrong, is your cable guide broken?

* Why did the All-Star Game go against American Idol?

Huh, what is American Idol?

* There is no hitting in the game!

Wrong! Players are delivering hits, hitting from behind is gone, and that is a good thing.

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