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Great start for the Blues against Phoenix. I think Bryz... had an off night. I heard the Canucks and Sabres sat Luongo and Miller. I wonder if Tippet should have done the same...

But I cheer for the Blues so I was happy!

With 67 points and 19 games to go the season will become very interesting. Assuming 93-97 points gets you a playoff spot, the Blues would need at least 13 more wins. That's a tall order for any team so I think the odds are not in our favor. That being the right guys scored their 5 goals last night (Oshie, Backes, Boyes, Madonald, and McClement).

On the down side it seems like the front office had a stroke when they traded away a second round draft pick for a 4th line grinder but we can't always have good days...
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