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The comforts of home; Hossa not just whistling Dixie in Atlanta

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Hossa not just whistling Dixie in Atlanta
Evan Grossman | Staff Writer

Thrashers' forward Marian Hossa is currently leading the NHL with 30 points, scoring 15 goals in 20 games.

Marian Hossa says he wasn’t comfortable last season, his first with the Atlanta Thrashers. Despite his lack of comfort in Dixie, Hossa still managed to put up 92 points, a career high.

It wasn’t until the holidays last year that Hossa, traded to Atlanta with Greg de Vries from Ottawa in the blockbuster for Dany Heatley, finally got his bearings and got his game going.

“I wouldn’t say a full season, I would probably say Christmas,” Hossa says. “You know, it was kind of the first time to change for me, from one team to the other. New city, new teammates, everything was new to me, so it took a while to get comfortable again. Soon as Christmas came, I felt pretty comfortable in Atlanta and I started playing my hockey again and felt somewhat comfortable.”

This season he says he’s fine and dandy, and after Hossa has burned enemy goaltenders for a league-high 15 goals and 30 points in just the first 20 games of the season, it’s scary to think of what the sharp-shooting right wing will put up over the course of the rest of this season.
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Good to see he's playing so well. I know it must of been tough on Ottawa to let him go, even though they got a really good player in return.

A different kind of player, but still a very good player.

Marian Hossa is still continuing to develop into one of the best in the league (he already is really). I thougth he had peaked a few years back, but last year and this year it seems like that isn't so.
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