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Teflon Mike

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I don't understand how Mike Milbury has the most tenure of any other GM in the league (except for Lou from NJ). I mean in his tenure as GM he has made the playoffs only twice, has made many bad trades (though some may be attributed to cheap ownership, others are just plain bad) and seems to tinker with the team when they are playing well (i.e. Wiemer). I understand Wang is not too familiar with hockey and has used Mad Mike as a guide to get his feet wet, but if he had a manager in Computer Associates that had as bad a track record as Milburt, my question is; would he fire him? I tend to think he would. I just hope that the only reason Milbury is still around for even this year is because of the threat of a lockout and that Wang will get rid of him as soon as that threat is clear. Any other thoughts?
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