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Ted Nolan

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I know its hard to be an NHL Coach but it's especially dificult on the Island lately.(no offence isles fans) Ted Nolan is definetly a controversial coach, but i expect him to whip these Isles into shape. Don't expect a playoff berth but dont count 'em as an easy win either. Under Nolan they will be a tough and mentally focussed team. Nolan has been generalized as a GM killer. But lets be honest Muckler didn't make it easy on the poor rookie coach. Practicing his craft in the Q, he did a great job. Nolan deserved this promotion and I hope he does well. Remember Isles fans what he did for the Sabres in '98 99
he brought them deep in the playoffs and had won the Jack Adams. This is one of the best coaches available for them to get and he'll be a good fit for the Islanders here are his lifetime stats:

(Quoted from wikipedia)

Buffalo Sabres, 1995-1997
Nolan was hired before the 1994-95 NHL season as an assistant coach by the Hartford Whalers for one season before accepting the position of head coach of the NHL's Buffalo Sabres where he had his best success. In his second season in Buffalo, he led the team to a strong regular season, culminating in the Northeast Division title. He was rewarded with the Jack Adams Award as the league's top coach.

However his relationships with superstar goaltender Dominik Hasek and general manager John Muckler were strained, with Hasek actually stating in an interview during 1997 NHL Awards Ceremony that "it would be better for me if he (Nolan) did not return". Muckler, fresh off of being voted the NHL's 1996-97 Executive of the Year, was the first casualty of this toxic situation and was fired prior to the 1997-98 season. Darcy Regier, Muckler's replacement as GM, was given the option to choose his own coach. Rather than fire Nolan, whose two-year contract had just expired, Regier offered him a one-year extension. After such a successful 1997 season working with what was widely considered sub-par talent (Hasek aside), Nolan found the offer insulting and rejected it.

Post-Sabres career
Following his departure from Buffalo, Nolan was offered NHL coaching jobs in 1997 by the Tampa Bay Lightning (head coach) and in 1998 by the New York Islanders (assistant coach). Nolan declined on both offers. It is said Nolan was not offered an NHL coaching job again until May 2006, a span of eight years, and speculation as to why ranged from outright racism to a perceived fear that Nolan is a "GM Killer" based on his acrimonious working relationship with former boss Muckler.
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I thought he gonna be hired soon after he got fired from Buffalo. About the time he is back in the NHL! He transformed Moncton into one of the elite teams in the QJMHL.

Islanders' players are looking forward to a new beginning. Nolan is determined to bring excitment back on Long Island. Chris Simon is thrilled to play for him.
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