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What a finish! What a game by Toronto! Oh me!, Oh my!, Ooooh Baby! :D

I haven't enjoyed watching Leaf games in quite a while. This team, win or lose, finally makes it worth it.

I missed the game when it first aired, but I watched the replay of it after the Avs/Oilers game.

Congrats to Mats Sundin. You can't do much better --getting a 500th goal in such a situation. I'm not sure if his 2nd shot went off a stick or not, but it fooled Kipper, and the 3rd one was and absolute cannon. Not sure if it was tipped either, or if it just overpowered Kipper.

Alexander Steen finally ended his goaless streak. Hopefully he gets going and nets 20 on the year. I was wondering if it's because he's playing the RW instead of center, but if I remember correctly, he played RW a lot last season as well.

Tucker and Wellwood are an awesome pairing on the top line right now. Wellwood's displayed some tremendous playmaking skills with his "tomfoolery" ( :rolleyes: at Quinn), and it's great to see that Mats doesn't have to do all the carrying of the puck, the nifty work in the corners, and make all of his own plays. He's certainly getting some help now. ;)

Raycroft was average, but I'm thinking more about how Toronto seems to be creating so many chances in the other team's end this year. Outshooting the Flames 43-30 is no easy task, especially with how well Calgary plays defencively.

Another thing they have right now that they didn't have at all last season (and hardly the few previous) is chemistry. Other than the Roberts-Sundin-Mogilny line (Which Quinn managed to tinker with quite a lot) all the rest of the lines were changed every game. We're finally seeing lines that work.

The team is crashing the net, trying to win every battle in the corner, hitting hard on the forcheck when they dump in the puck, shooting from almost every angle, and there's much less floating out on the ice. O'Neill could do better, but he's much improved from when the season started. He's doing good on that line with Poni and Stajan.

Some one on Calgary's defence had a big game last night though.

Mark Giordano.

He scored 2 great goals in the game for Calgary, and he's from Toronto too. Nice way to make an impression. He played in 7 games last year and didn't do too much, but he did good yesterday.

Congrats to him on his first 2 career NHL goals. :)

Edit Reason: One more thing I fogot to add in here:

Cassie Campbell did a great job of commentating that game, especially right before the Tucker one-timer off of a pass from Wellwood.

She made history on Saturday, being the first woman to go into the booth for an NHL game on CBC.

I heard that she might be getting a chance to do so again sometime this season, so that's good. She knows her Hockey.
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