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Sundin: "My game has to go up from now on"

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Sundin said:
"Our playoffs have started already."
So, are we going to see Mats carry the team on his shoulders like last season when he scored 21 Goals in 24 Games, and almost willed the Leaf into the playoffs once more?...

Or will he get the support he needs this time around before it's too late? :dunno:

Leafs in playoff mode

It might not be correct to say the Maple Leafs' fortunes ride solely on the shoulders of just two of them, but it would not be far off.

The Leafs, as they were a year ago when they eventually did not make the playoffs, will be in a struggle in the final 21/2 months to get to the post-season.

How captain Mats Sundin and goaltender Andrew Raycroft perform probably will play largely in what success comes to the Leafs.

"My game has to go up from now on," said Sundin, who has 42 points (18 goals and 24 assists) in 42 games. "A big part of my game is to be productive and score goals."

Sundin has been achieving milestones for a while this season but he is closing in on the biggest yet in a Leafs uniform. Sundin has 875 points as a Leaf, 41 behind franchise-leader Darryl Sittler, who had 916. Sundin is 10 goals behind Sittler, who had 389.
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