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TACOMA, Washington (CNN) -- A student who is suspected of fatally shooting another student Wednesday at their Washington state high school has been arrested, police said.

"He was taken into custody at 9:30 to 9:40," Officer Gretchen Ellis said. "A firearm was recovered."

The suspect did not resist arrest and was taken to the police station for questioning, she said.

The boy was shot inside the school around 7:30 a.m. (10:30 a.m. ET), about five minutes before classes were to begin. "We're not sure of the motive at this point," Ellis said.

He was pronounced dead at a hospital, a police spokesman said.

"At first, it sounded like a book dropped, and then two more followed," freshman Anastacia Fedina said, in recalling the shooting. "They made us go into a classroom." (Local coverage of shooting)

"I saw a girl running out of the cafeteria just screaming that someone was going to shoot her," another student said. "And then she ran down the stairs of the courtyard and just went home."

The school was placed under lockdown until police had searched the building and determined there was no further threat to students, said Patti Holmgren, spokeswoman for the school system.

Buses took the school's 1,700 students to a nearby high school, where parents were to pick them up.

"We've never had anything like this, but we're prepared because of all the drills we do," Holmgren said.

Outside the school, the flag was hanging at half-staff in honor of the late President Ford.

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What is up with school shootings in the USA??? Too many of them, something has to be done to prevent all this. But saying that to prevent it would mean drastic changes which students wouldent like at all
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