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-The main priority this next season for the Stars is to stay healthy. I can't even fathom why we had so many injuries this season to all of our best players. Morrow, Richards, Zubov, Lehtinen, etc.

-Sign some defensemen.
Robidas was a bright spot this season. I'd let go of Zubov, Daley, and Hutchinson, and keep Robidas, Niskanen, Sydor, and Grossman. What we need is an offensive defenseman that can play on the first or second line. Someone from the point to get the puck to our already potent, but injury prone offense.

-Get rid of the edges
Aside from Sutherby, I wouldn't keep Parrish, Morrison, Begin, Wilson, Connor, or even Lehtinen. Sutherby, while he didn't have much offensive impact, has become a fabulous 3rd/4th line gritty center. Letting Lehtinen go would welcome the opportunity for a younger two-way player to join the Stars.

-Get a backup goaltender
I'm starting to question whether trading Smith for Richards was worth it. Smith was the lone bright spot for Tampa, and Richards isn't living up to his salary. Turco was awful this year, and Stephan/Climie were not much better. Giving Turco a shot this year seems reasonable, but I wouldn't want to take any chances.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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